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The Importance of Finding a Photographer for Life


There are many reasons why you need to have a permanent photographer that’ll cover and shoot all your family events and photos.


You need photographers that you can entrust these moments to and be assured of quality. A lifetime photographer that will always be there, never disappoints, and is consistent is what you need.


Photographers that shoot your family through all the milestones become more than just another photographer, they become a friend; here are some reasons why you need to find your family a lifetime photographer.




No One is left Out


When you look back at family photos, there is usually someone left out. That person is usually mom. Mom is always the photographer. Because mama’s care so much about having photos of everyone else, they miss the importance of being in the photos.


It’s called a “family photograph” which mean all members of your family ought to be in the photo. I hear a lot of people say they can just utilize the self-timer of modern day cameras. And it’s true. You can. Buuuuut, we all know that sometimes the self-timer ends up in frustrated everyones and blurry pics! Ha!

When you have a lifetime photographer, not only you, but all members of your family are guaranteed to be in all the photos taken.







There is Cohesion in your photos. 


This may not seem like a big deal, but when you start hanging art in your home, it is!

Having a family photographer that has documented all the special moments for you makes for a truly beautiful collection of your life.

A visual soundtrack of your life, if you will.

There is nothing worse than looking up on the wall and seeing some bright and airy canvases and some dark and moody canvases, a few from some newbies that you wonder why you hung up(it’s ok we have all been newbies!), or some that don’t really represent your family.

Maybe it was an off day and the baby is crying in the photos. Or dad looks unhappy. Uncool. We want 3 things. Easy, Effortless, and beautiful.

The gallery wall above is with photos from 3 different shoots! They look great together. The must have had a good DFW photographer 😉





Your Kids Are More Likely to be comfortable and show Their Best Selves


Although this is not a guarantee. Having a lifetime photographer will get your kids to be comfortable and be themselves,  which makes the shoot lively and adds more spark to the photos when they are printed.


The more babies see your photographer, the more we blend into your surroundings. They aren’t shy or crying, then we are just part of your crowd.

This always results in better photos, more genuine expressions, and overall better experience for all.


Black and white photo of dad holding newborn and toddler boy laughing


Your Husband Is Compelled to Co-operate


I am going to share a big secret with you. HUSBAND’S HATE TAKING PHOTOS. I KNOW. YOU ARE SHOCKED. BUT HANG WITH ME FOR A SECOND. Chances are dad does not want to be there in the first place, he doesn’t know this person, he is impatient, the kids are acting like psychos, he is ready to go. This may be why he looks funny and uninterested in the photos.


However, if you know the photographer and they have been with you through every milestone, generally, the husband is a little less tense.

It is more like chatting up an old friend for a while.

Also, they can be themselves too. With someone they are comfortable with, they can express their visible disdain for the photos openly. It can then be a source of humor, rather than frustration.

Dad is laughing, the kids are comfortable, and everything is right in the Photography-land. ahhhhh. The sweet, sweet sound of a semi-happy dad at a photo shoot. Music to my ears.





You become part of their heart, and it shows in your photos.


I can tell you as a Dallas Newborn Photographer that sees mama’s through carrying the baby to the birth, to baby walking, to the baby in school, that there is something special about taking that journey with someone. The photos are more than your everyday snapshots or selfies, or even quick mini session in the wildflowers.

You become part of the fabric of my story as a photographer. I fall in love with you and your family. And it shows in the photos. When you love someone, you notice and fall in love with things about them that others may not. Freckles, the way their hair blows, their crooked mischevious smile, the way they rock and sing to their baby.

You can see it in my photos.

When you pick a photographer for life. You live in our hearts and you will have photos that show you in a way that nothing or no one else can replicate.

And that friends, is the good stuff.



Photographers really can become such an important part of your life and documenting your families most special of moments.

If you are looking for a photographer that you can trust with all your most special moments and walk with your through all the sweet seasons of your mamahood, I am a literal phone call and cup of coffee away!




Sarah Maverick is DFW’s Premier Newborn and Lifestyle Photographer.

She is a proud resident of Rowlett, Texas and serves surrounding cities such as:

Rockwall, Rowlett, Dallas, Mesquite, Garland, Plano, Allen, Mckinney, Frisco, and more.

She specializes in Dallas Newborn Photography and DFW Family Photography.


  1. Heather Davis

    March 16th, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    Every word is true! It is so wonderful to have someone I trust – whose vision and talent I trust and creativity I adore – that my children, and, maybe more importantly, my photo-adverse husband, are comfortable being themselves around. The relationship has resulted in some amazingly natural, organic, honest photos that I’ll adore and cherish forever. These years with young ones are hard work but they pass so quickly. I’m so very grateful to have gorgeous photos of this time in our lives.

  2. Sarah Maverick

    March 16th, 2019 at 6:18 pm

    You are amazing, my love. I am so honored that you carry me with your through all your moments <3

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