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The Importance of Celebrating Your Breastfeeding Journey Through Photos


Capturing and documenting the special moments during and even pregnancy through photos will give you images to be cherished for a lifetime.


Many moms like to document everything concerning their pregnancy by having pre-maternity shoots, newborn sessions down to capturing their breastfeeding journey.


These moments can never be taken from you especially when they are documented in pictures. Also, capturing these moments gives you reasons to celebrate i.e. from having a successful delivery to weaning your child and beyond.


As you look over the pictures of the different stages in which you breastfed your child till when they got weaned, you feel satisfied and have cause to celebrate. Here are some reasons why you need to celebrate your breastfeeding journey through photos.



dallas newborn photographer captures photo of newborn breasfeeding outside


These Memories Never Die


Your child won’t be nursed forever. One day, the little cute baby of yours that you love to carry will run off to school, go on dates, and build a life of their own.


The breastfeeding relationship between moms and their child is so tender and unique. This is the best bonding time between you and your child but it won’t last forever as it evolves and changes over time and this is why you need to document these moments in photos and celebrate them in your own way whenever you look back at them.


Your breastfeeding journey encompasses a different kind of feeling. You have sleepless interrupted nights tending to your baby’s night cry, you are more tired by day, and can barely get a hold of yourself. These are the moments that you experience during the nursing period.


When you document these moments, you have something to look back over and appreciate. Not for the fact that it is finally over, but that it was worth it.



Hispanic mother and baby during breastfeeding shoot in Rockwall, Texas



It Creates a Community


When you share, exchange and celebrate your breastfeeding photos with other moms you indirectly create a community.


This is because other women face the pains and struggles of breastfeeding like you did and they might think they are the only one left- It could even be their first nursing experience but when they see you share and celebrate your journey, they’ll become more optimistic and know they are not alone.


Most importantly, they’ll see other moms they can relate with, exchange photos with and share their experiences, get words of encouragement and support. It’ll create a community of mothers where they can lean on each other and seek emotional help and support of any kind.




mom breastfeeds bi-racial baby girl at Grapevine Botanical Gardens.



It Promotes awareness and Increases Acceptance of Breastfeeding


A lot of modern moms believe that breasts are for men and would rather use tools to extract the milk from their breasts than let the baby suck it themselves. They believe if their kids suck their breasts, they are likely to lose shape. Irrespective of how true this may be, it isn’t enough reason to deny your kids from sucking your breasts.


When these kinds of mothers or women see you celebrate your breastfeeding journey and look at your photos, they begin to get aware of the plethora of benefits affiliated with breastfeeding. Also, they can experience those intimate moments with their child and will properly while breastfeeding.


Document your breastfeeding journey, share your photos with other women and celebrate. The more people see and hear, the more they understand.






If you are a Dallas mom and dream of contributing to society through documenting and celebrating your breastfeeding journey, you need a professional DFW lifestyle photographer that will capture every stage.


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