Raw and Real Dallas Birth Photography that artistically highlights the  maternal bond.

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Dallas Texas Birth Photographer

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Dallas, Texas

Raw and Real Dallas Birth Photography that artistically highlights the maternal bond.

Dallas, Texas

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Raw and Real Dallas Birth Photography that artistically highlights the maternal bond.

 The process of bringing a baby earth-side is no easy feat. Every single ounce of your strength and will is tested. The people you choose to surround you and support you in that moment mean everything.
We support you first. Your choice. Your birth plan. And aim to not only capture your story but be an added pillar of strength and support during this monumental moment.

While at times you feel as though it may never end, your memory will soon fade of every finite detail from that moment.
The perfect birth will never be the goal. Capturing the beauty in the chaos is the goal.
We proudly capture home and birth center births, as well as hospital births including cesarean section.
As your babies grow, you will long to relive their coming.
We will ensure you always remember. Every.single. bit.

Dallas birth photography

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 birth photography!

Dallas Birth Photography

During our pre-booking consultation we will discuss all of your artistic visions for your Dallas Birth photography story. We will speak in depth about your  birth plan and exactly how I can be an asset to your birth team. 
Whatever is on your heart, we will create the perfect plan for you together. During the consultation, which is done in person or by phone, we will go over any questions or concerns you have.
Most mamas contact me when they get their first positive pregnancy test! There is never a too early! This baby has a purpose and plan, and we will honor that, whatever it looks like.
All Birth Stories include an "Everyday Beauty" Photo-book with 50 photos and wall art credit to display your amazing moment in your home

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Dallas Texas birth photography

Landry making her grand entrance!


Some mamas love the idea of having those first special moments documented but are not sure if they want to have the entire birth documented. 
Let's discuss a fresh 48 session!
I call this our "Birth Lite" Sessions!
As Dallas Birth photography pros we want to document this moment exactly how you want to!
We shoot Fresh 48's within the first 48 hours of baby's birth in their birth place. Whether that is home, center, or hospital, those first hours in "the bubble" are so special.
If you are a birth photography lover, but unsure of what path to take, this is a great option to discuss. Let's chat about what is best for your family!

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fresh 48 session

we welcomed baby draper in a beautiful fresh 48 session.


About 6 to 8 weeks following your birth you will receive an online slideshow to share with family and friends and an ordering gallery by email. 
You will have one week to choose your photos and place your order for products!
As Dallas Birth Photographers, we know how important this season of your life is. Every session comes with a product credit and digitals.
We know how important digitals are in this day and age. 
We want you to have both.
We will walk you through any in home styling you desire to help you achieve exactly what you are needing! 

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Dallas family photographer


“and of all the greatest of these is love..."

dallas birth Photographer

About your Photographer
Sarah Maverick

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Hi! I am Sarah. I am so happy we found each other! I know that finding your perfect Dallas Birth and Newborn Photographer can be a difficult task. As a mama of three myself, it seems like just one more thing. But I have a secret. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE HARD. It can be really fun and wonderful. This is where I come in...

“All I knew was a simple name and everything has changed” –Taylor Swift

jill b.

Sarah is so down to earth and immediately I felt like we were best friends which was very important to me to feel comfortable with the person who would be in there for such an intimate moment. 

Stephanie g.

Booking Sarah for newborn photos after my maternity session was such an easy choice. She helped me embrace my beauty as a new mommy and we all know how hard that is.

Leigha N.

Our birthing experience with Sarah was wondrous. In a short amount of time we went from knowing and having a healthy baby and pregnancy to that changing at the last minute. Sarah was easy to work with and was there through all of the important moments in our birth story emotionally and physically. 


Heather d.

No matter your vision, no matter your style, Sarah will bring it to life. It's hard selecting a photographer - there's a special 
trust there that you have to have. But Sarah is absolutely deserving
of that trust. She's passionate and creative and daring and beautiful and and and. She never disappoints.

annamarie s.

 All I can say is WOW! She made me feel beautiful only one week post baby, and she got such precious photos! Not only is she amazing at photography, but her personality is so warm and laid back, something that’s very comforting when you’re stressed and emotional from such a big life change. I would highly recommend  her.

Ansley B.

Sarah is SO amazing to work with. It was such a fun, relaxing experience. My girls could feel how calm and laid back she was. They loved her! She has captured lasting memories of my family, and I am so thankful!

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